Hey there 👋🏼

I'm a product designer, avid reader, and long-distance runner living in New York. 


During the last two years, I've been the User Experience Designer at Spire.

As the only UX Designer on a small team, I'm responsible for applying UX principles to every part of the company, from our mobile apps to marketing website to hardware experience. 

Working with Spire's user-focused leadership, small engineering team, and vocal marketing team has provided me with a deep understanding of designing for the user while being mindful of engineering resources and meeting business objectives.

I'm an avid reader, runner, and poker player. I enjoy competing in half-marathons and Spartan Races. I tweet (often) and I blog (less often). 

This site showcases the work I'm proudest of from the last two years. 

Check out my work on Spire's mobile app, where we introduced a new paradigm for how a user should interact with their health data. And check out my hardware UX case study and marketing case study, which detail how I apply UX methods outside of my software work.