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Applying UX methods towards marketing initiatives



Sell Spire Health Tags. Tell the product story in a way that is easy to understand. Get website visitors to be enthusiastic about purchase. 



I was the user experience designer on this project. I wrote copy, designed each iteration, user tested, and communicated results to the team. I worked closely with our Head of Communications on writing messaging and with our VP of Product on user testing and iterating both designs and copy. 



VP of Product
Head of Communications
Contract Visual Designer
Marketing Team


What I Learned

There's considerable overlap between user experience learnings and marketing efforts. Often the best language for explaining and selling a product comes straight from the user. 

We had a lot of success applying an iterative process to the marketing site. We started with divergent marketing messages and visuals, doubled down on successful ideas, iterated rapidly, and user tested constantly.

Similar to designing for product, marketing messaging should aim not only for comprehension, but also to elicit pleasure and enthusiasm from the website visitor.



The Spire Product team was tasked with both design and copywriting (writing messaging) for the Spire Health Tag website. 

We approached this project with the same process and philosophy we apply to our product work: a group brainstorm to generate divergent ideas, user testing and iterating both design and messaging, followed by overall refinement.

My favorite part of this project was our "validation question". At the end of each user interview, we asked each participant if they would prefer $200 in cash or a set of the new Health Tags.

At first, every participant chose the money. After (literally) dozens of iterations (some pictured below), just about every participant picked the Health Tags.